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The straight table, included in the Visualization bundle, has all the table properties that we are used to as well as many new features. These new features make it easier for developers to create a straight table and it gives users the ability to customize straight tables in the apps they view. The straight table is ideal when you want to provide detailed data – the raw data. While you do not want to have too many columns (ten or less columns are ideal for the best performance), a straight table can have many columns (dimensions and measures).

As previously mentioned, the straight table can be added to a sheet from the Qlik Visualization bundle. This means developers will need to open the advanced options to add the straight table to their sheet(s) and make edits. Once the straight table is added to a sheet, developers can add columns – either fields and master items or custom expressions. One of the new features that developers can take advantage of to build tables quickly is the ability to add more than one dimension and/or measure at once. Simply select the dimensions and measures you would like to add to the table and then click the Add button.

fields and master items.png












Once columns are added to the table, they can be dragged as needed to the desired position/order. Developers also can add alternate columns to the straight table. These columns can be dimensions and/or measures. These alternates columns will be available to users to customize the straight table if chart exploration is enabled. This is a great new feature because the user does not need edit permissions to modify the straight table. Users can add and/or remove columns based on their analysis. Being able to add columns as needed also improves performance since the straight table does not need to display all the columns, all the time. Loading the straight table with the minimum columns needed will decrease the load time.

columns and alts 2.png                  exploration.png

Chart exploration allows users, who are in analysis mode, to add and remove columns from the straight table they are viewing by checking or unchecking them in the Chart exploration panel (see image below). Any users viewing the sheet can customize the straight table. Users cannot see layout changes made by other users using the app, unless they opt to share the visualization or create a public bookmark with the layout saved.

table with chart exploration.png

Another new feature for developers is the ability to set the column width. By default, the column width is set to Auto, but developers can set it to Fix to content, Pixels or Percentage. Pagination is another new feature that can be enabled in a Straight table. With pagination, a specified number of rows are displayed at once and the user can navigate through the pages using arrows or selecting the page.

column width.png






Many of the properties for the straight table are familiar but the new ones are moving the straight table to a new level. Learn everything you need to know about the straight table in Qlik Help and add one to your next app. Also check out the SaaS in 60 video for a quick video overview:








Creator II
Creator II

looks great.

Really looking forward to being able to

  • add bold text
  • subtotals
  • add colour to the table headers
  • mix/match % and £/$ easily in the same column
Specialist III
Specialist III

One question Why didn't they include these features with the main straight table.

This new straight table is promising and has some good features but needs more work. Like

Word wrapping. Where the header splits a word so that one word sometimes appears on different lines. But the pagination option doesn't do this. So make the non-pagination option for headings the same as pagination.

Gives the option to remove adjust column width esp for measures. This button takes up far too much space and achieves little.

Option to remove the Up down arrow. It looks a bit ugly but can see why it was included.

Lots more formatting options. e.g. have a colored background for the Title and chart heading etc.

I would like to start using this new table but will stick with the current table until the above is done.

Contributor II
Contributor II
looks pretty good only now has errors downloading to pdf and csv

Please add representation option ( for hyperlinks)  for dimension in straight table extension same as Table chart. This new straight table extension is fantastic however missing some vital features making it unusable.

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Hi there,


I'm having trouble with clicking and dragging the columns in the exploration area. I can click and drag, and it seems to "take" for a second, but then it reverts. This is particularly an issue when adding new columns to the table using chart exploration, because it adds the columns to the end of the table, and then it seems to be impossible to reorder them.


Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a bug, or have I missed a setting?

Specialist III
Specialist III

"Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a bug, or have I missed a setting?"

Same here. This straight table has far too many issues. I've stopped using it

Specialist III
Specialist III

I tried this again and its good now. Most of the bugs seem to have been fixed. And the wide column issue is fine now. It is in fact better than the original table. 

Word wrapping  (Where the header splits a word so that one word sometimes appears on different lines) though still occurs. I can accept this but wish there was the option to stop this if desired.

Another thing I would like (for all tables) is to be able to colour the column heading like can be done in Excel. 

But overall it is much improved.



Contributor III
Contributor III

I implemented the stright table ( extension from Visualization bundle) in my application, Chart Exploration part of straight table   NOT rendering in web browser, authentication window pop ups and blocking. need to cancel the authentication window to  render the chart exploration part. I am using QlikSense May 2023 Patch 6 version. Do you have any solution for this?