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     Hey Guys - a few weeks ago I introduced the Qlik Cognitive Engine in the Design Blog, What is the Cognitive Engine? ‌and how it is responsible for providing an (AI) Augmented Intelligence driven experience. BUT...exactly what does that mean - "Augmented Intelligence driven experience"? Sounds like marketing-speak, right? Actually, it's not a play on words. These are powerful terms that represent machine learning AND human intuition. Simply stated - instead of just solely relying on pure machine automation, as you may find with typical Artificial Intelligence applications, Augmented Intelligence works with human interaction and perspective to solve complex business problems. And when combined with our proven, super-fast, patented Associative Indexing technology - you enable context-aware suggestions that help you ask those random questions or spot hidden insights while exploring data freely. So let me see - (Augmented Intelligence + Associative Indexing) .....hmmmm...I think I'll now call this AI² - - The Cognitive Engine is what powers our automated chart suggestions and our new Insight Advisor available in Qlik Sense. With the Insight Advisor you can search a governed library of familiar business terms that produce multiple insights for you to explore instead of a just a single presentation of data. The Insight Advisor allows you to do so much more than just ask data questions. It can be used as a way to jump start the creation of your analytics, or better yet, as you explore and make selections - new questions may be triggered and at that moment you can open the Insight Advisor and search while in the CONTEXT of your exploration using familiar business terms to find what you are looking for. Taking this one step further, the Cognitive Engine not only learns from the data, but your behavior as well, allowing you to teach the Cognitive Engine so it produced significantly relevant insights for you to explore. Want to learn more and see this in action? Check out this brief video and let us know what you think, we want to hear from you.


Michael Tarallo (Twitter)


The Insight Advisor

NOTE: Can't see the video? YouTube blocked by your organization or region? No problem, just download the attached .mp4 file to watch on your computer or mobile device.

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