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Recently my colleague Lee Matthews made me aware of a comprehensive set of videos he created based off of a free, 3 hour workshop he and his team hold on a regular basis in the ANZ region. (Australia / New Zealand). 3 hours may not seem like a long time, however it is enough time to build a rather sophisticated Qlik Sense app from start to finish. They utilize Qlik Sense Cloud as a basis for the workshop; providing a turnkey approach that requires no setup and fast delivery. Qlik Sense Cloud provides a great introduction to Qlik Sense and while it does not have all the features of the Qlik Sense Enterprise platform, the process involved in building a Qlik Sense App is the same. To further our goal of delivering analytics and insights to everyone Lee has condensed the workshop into (5) 8-15 min videos; totaling about 50 min viewing time. Watch these videos at your own leisure and even download the workshop material (attached to this document) to follow along. I hope you find these videos helpful! Thanks for this valuable contribution Lee!

Workshop Playlist

This is just another fine example of contagious enthusiasm demonstrated by our Qlik team members whom are dedicated to our customer's success.


About Lee Matthews: Lee is a Principal Solution Architect and team lead with Qlik and is based in Melbourne, Australia. He joined Qlik in 2011 but has been working in the Business Intelligence field with various ERP and CRM vendors for over 20 years. Prior to that he was a management accountant. He therefore has a long history of working with data and reporting systems for organizations. When not tinkering with Qlik applications for clients, he enjoys tinkering with robots, making things out of wood and teaching these skills to his two boys.

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