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Creator II
Creator II


Want to share with you an Fun Game app, which i built for an small team event. hope all of you have heard about Lotto / Housie / Bingo. Yeah i built an app which can help you run this game. No rocket science involved it was a fun app and fun to build as well. 

i was looking at several options to host this game show and i suddenly an idea struck me, why not use QlikSense and build an app to present this game !!!! and then in just matter of couple of hours i was able to build this app. Its a simple app made to 

1. Draw random numbers between 0-99

2. Display these random numbers on a list and highlight them.

3. You load Lotto / Housie / Bingo tickets and identify the winners 

I have used couple of extensions to ease the usage. 


i would like to share this app with all of you, it was a nice experience building it and this has inspired me to build another app where we can host Quiz with multiple options. i will share the details in another post !!!

Let me know your feedback on this !!! 

P.S. This is my first post.... 🙂 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Sammy_AK This is great! thanks for sharing. Do you have an image I could add for you on this? 

Creator II
Creator II

Thank you @Sue_Macaluso for reaching out to me, i have updated the cover photo for this app. let me add the same here as well for your reference... CAP2.jpg


I love the idea of using QlikSense to create an app for hosting games like Lotto/Housie/Bingo - it's a great way to leverage technology for entertainment. I checked out the link you shared and it looks like a user-friendly app. It's great that you were able to draw random numbers and display them on a list. The feature that allows users to load Lotto/Housie/Bingo tickets and identify the winners is also pretty neat. I think it's amazing how you were able to build the app in just a couple of hours. You can also check out some other cool ios games for real money that allow making really good money online.