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Qlik Sense and the App On-Demand

There has been significant chatter over the past several months about On Demand App Generation

and how this approach expands the potential use cases for Business Discovery, enabling business users to conduct associative analysis on larger data sources.  We at Bardess Group Ltd. became very excited about the possibilities of applying this approach to FDIC Summary of Deposits data that we had modeled a few years ago, and running that data through Alteryx to go even deeper with our analyses.

We have developed a custom "app on demand" extension that can be configured to send data through other data engines, read the output back into Qlik Sense, and load the enhanced data set into a new application for focused analysis.  We happen to think it's pretty great, and invite you to try it yourself.  We also just posted the extension to Qlik Branch.

Thanks to Ian Crosland , Paul Van Siclen and others at Qlik for collaborating.


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Wow!  Nice Job Team!


I agree on the "it's pretty great" statement!!! Potential on this development is endless

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Smith,

I have downloaded APP_ON_DEMAND extension from Qlikbranch and I have tried to use it.

I have followed the steps below.

I have loaded one Sample Qvd with the below data.

Then I have done the setting on the extensions like below.

Replacement Settings:

Replacement settings.png

Appearance Settings:


On demand Settings:

ondemand Settings.png

Advanced Settings: I haven't add any thing in the advanced settings.

Advanced capabilities.png

After settings done when I select the Agency_TYPE Filter the ON DEMAND Button is enabling and while clicking on it its generating the New App also but the application is not generated as per the selections and its not reloading the selected data.

Am I missed anything in this process at Advanced Capabilities?

Please help me.



Contributor II
Contributor II


This is great.  We at EzDataMunch took a slightly different approach.  We created a web application - a combination of On-demand App and QVD generator and Data concierge, where both users and Data team can connect to various data sources including some difficult ones like OBIEE, SAP Infocube, Hyperion, Essbase Cubes, AS400 and some industry specific datasets like Meditech, etc. and can do a real-time mash up of these to generate one curated on-demand App and QVDs on the fly.  We recently implemented this solution for a large hospitality company to migrate all their existing OBIEE Subject Areas and it worked like a charm.

We will post a few screen shots shortly about this solution.  If you need more details or want to see one on one demo pl. write to me at m.desai@ezdatamunch.com and we can discuss in more detail.