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Contributor II
Contributor II

Geocoding Highway Locations

Can the geocode capability in GeoAnalytics change mile posts on a highway to lat/long for mapping purposes?

For example, if I have two data points that say something like:

Interstate 90 Mile Marker 42, Schaumburg, IL, US

Interstate 90 Mile Marker 57, Chicago, IL US

would GeoAnalytics be able to handle that and tell the difference between the two points?

Similarly, what if the point is even more detailed, like:

30 meters east of Interstate 90 Mile Marker 42

If GeoAnalytics itself cannot handle, any creative ideas for dealing with points such as this?

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Hi Jonathan,

No, geocode lookup in QGA cannot convert mile posts to lat long, it's limited to normal addresses.

There seems to be data available for milestones in Illinois:


Had a look around and interpolation should be doable with PostGIS, found some interesting threads on StackExchange:

geocoding - Geocode from mile marker/milepost to latitude/longitude? - Geographic Information System...

postgis - How to get accurate mile markers from DOT ShapeFile? - Geographic Information Systems Stac...

tiger - PostGIS- Geocode Milepost data - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange


Patric Nordström