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January 2021 Redesign - Issue Tracking Post Launch

Community Manager
Community Manager

January 2021 Redesign - Issue Tracking Post Launch

The below tracker notes any issues we are currently tracking in cases where many people may be impacted. Please post a NEW discussion to report an issue, bug, or if you have any questions or concerns. 

Topic Problem Description Latest Update

Slower performance


1/12:The new design has many new images that will need to be cached at the first visit.  Despite that, this issue is still being researched on our end. 
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spinning displayed on-page.  


1/12: The vendor has supplied a fix and we are currently testing.
error "Too Many Searches" Melissa_Potvin_0-1610380053058.png


1/12 Case opened with the vendor and they are researching
Error when logging in with mobile device and replying  Sue_Macaluso_0-1610466552505.jpeg


1/12: Case opened with vendor.
Blogs Unable to create blog, after clicking to create blog nothing happens

1/12: This is now fixed, users might have to clear cache, log out and back in.

1/12 researching 


Search Inconsistencies We have reports that search is not rendering what is expected.  1/12 researching
Unable to create Support Knowlege base articles When creating a new article nothing happens after clicking create

1/12: This is now resolved. Users may have to clear cache. 

1/12 researching

Drafts When accessing drafts and clicking on an exiting draft the system does not react to access draft

1/12: This is now fixed. Users may have to clear cache. 


1/12 researching

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