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Support Case Portal FAQ’s and Known Issue Tracker

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Support Case Portal FAQ’s and Known Issue Tracker



Known Issue Tracker 

  Known Issue Status
1 You may experience a delay of about 8-10 seconds from the time you hit the "create case" to the time you receive a "success" message. Investigating a load indicator
[Update:  October 6:  Under Development]
2 For users in China. Google Translator removed from case portal page however you may still experience issues accessing other parts of the community. Investigating options
3 Two file attachments are returning an error message 

.7z and .har

[Oct 5] Case  has been opened with vendor   
[Oct 6] Resolved. HAR and 7z added to production as valid extensions  
*see #6
We have a report that larger files are failing for some customers.

[Oct 5] Under Investigation
Current size limit is <80mb.  Evaluating options to increase. 
If larger file upload is required please work with your Technical Support Engineer.

5 No ability to see other Support cases within your organization [Oct 5] Resolved. Please request access with Customer Support via live chat or logging a ticket. 
6 Browsing for attachment file opening a new case screen [Oct 5] Case opened with vendor. 
Please use drag and drop to add an attachment. Additionally, you can save the case and then update the case by adding a comment with an attachment
7 Email notifications not rendering when first opening a case [Oct 6]  Resolved. As designed, you should get a notice on the top of your case screen when it has been successfully submitted.
8 Email notifications are sporadic when case comments are added 

[Oct 6]  Resolved.

-Check spam/junk. The email would be from
-Check to make sure your notification settings in Community are turned ON

9 Recovering Chat History for open migrated cases

[Oct 6]  Resolved. Please work with the Support Employee on your case for the additional context needed. Further details are written in the FAQ below: "Why can't I see my past case comments on the open cases?"


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is changing?

The Qlik case logging Support Portal is moving to Qlik Community! This new, streamlined experience will allow you to leverage your peers within the Community Forums, get assistance from our new Chat Bot, or enter a case with Qlik Support all in one place. Whether you use Qlik Data Analytics or Qlik Data Integration products, cases will now have the same, simplified, ticket creation process.

The new Case Portal will be live on October 4!  


What is Qlik Community?

Qlik Community is our global online community, home to tens of thousands of Qlik customers and data specialists. You can come to the Community with your questions or to share your experiences and network with peers.

Qlik Community contains forums, resources and experts to help you handle any question or opportunity. To learn more about Qlik Community, see the Get Started forum.

Pro tip:  Search keywords into the Community search engine to get relevant articles, blog posts, or even webinars regarding your inquiry. You can also open a chat discussion to be routed to suggested solutions, a live agent, or case creation, depending on your specific need.


Will my cases be private?

Yes, your cases will continue to be private just as before. The Case Portal is being moved onto the Community platform but is not public. You will need to login with your business SSO account and will only see cases for your organization.

 You will not be able to see or search any other customers’ cases in the Support Portal. Additionally, images uploaded via the case portal will be contained to your organization's case portal and will not be visible under your user profile to ensure privacy. 

Only the forums, groups, and blogs on Qlik Community are open to the public and used for networking and crowd sourcing solutions if you wish to participate!


When will I no longer be able to submit a case in the case portal?

On October 4, 2021, the case portal will move from to Qlik Community. Access the case portal directly at, starting October 4.


What happens to my prior cases?

Active, open cases will be moved over to the new portal site. Cases that have been closed prior to the migration will be available as read-only in the legacy support portal. Cases opened after Oct 4 in the new system, once closed, will be visible.

If you'd like a data export of your previously closed cases (Product / Subject / Description / Resolution), please submit a case and choose the options shown in this knowledge base article.  


What happened to my images/files on my open case?

We are doing our best to minimize the disruption. Some attachments on open cases may be impacted during the migration. You may be asked to reattach files to your current case. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


How do I contact support while the case portal is temporarily down?

Case creation will be intermittently unavailable between 8:00a.m.-6:00p.m. EST on Sunday, October 3. To reach support for assistance, please start a chat via our site.

 Severity 0-1 concerns can be addressed through the below call numbers:

QDI Support:  +1-781-730-4060

  • After hours, please leave a voicemail at +1-781-730-4022 

QDA Support per location:






1800 137 636 (Toll free)

02 6111 2045








09 4245 1974


+33 8 2022 2074


0800 673 8189 (Toll free)|

+49 211 5866 8333


1800 309 8155 (Toll free) 

1800 102 QLIK (1800 102 7545)

080 46577600


800 976 003




800 441 1358


902 109 726


0200 817 817 (Toll free)

08 505 149 38

United Kingdom

01926 45 88 90

North America


Latin America

+55 11 4420-3540

Asia Pacific - Other

+61 2 6111 2045

Europe - Other

+44 2071 388 281



How do I find the new case creation portal?

  1. Sign in to Qlik Community
  2. Use the top navigation ribbon to click on "Support
  3. Use the drop-down navigation under Support to choose “Case Portal



For more information, a How-To video for case creation will be linked on the Qlik Community Support Page on October 4.


How can I search for the answer myself using Qlik Community?

Use the Search bar on the Qlik Community to search across the entire Community! Our unified search engine will search across Knowledge, Qlik Help, Community, Ideas, YouTube and Qlik Gallery and provide relevant results regarding your inquiry.



What if I don’t see the case portal?

Customers, Partners, and Luminaries will all have access while logged in to Qlik Community. If you do not see the Case Portal, please use the new Chat feature to get your access resolved.


What’s my login?

Your previous Support Portal account provides access to the Qlik Community as well. In fact, your account will work across other Qlik sites including Qlik Continuous Classroom and Additional privileges are required to access the Partner Portal and prior Support Portal for license & download needs.

If you need assistance with logging in, please use our new chat bot to get connected with a live agent.


Where do I go for licenses and downloads?

You can still go to the legacy Support Portal ( for licensing support needs. You can also find this link by hovering over our Case Portal ribbon, highlighted below:


Software downloads are still accessible on the Qlik Downloads site.


What kind of help can chat provide?

Our new Chat feature can help with issues related to Qlik accounts, log in, downloads, and licensing. It can also connect you with a live agent and even create a Qlik Support case.


Where can I find the Chat prompt?

Chat functionality is accessible on the following Qlik Community pages: Support, Case Portal, Programs, and Knowledge. Look for the blue Help button on the bottom right corner.



Why can't I see my past case comments on the open cases?

As one of the changes, we moved from Case Chatter to Case Comments as the method of communication between Qlik Support and customers. Currently, we could not migrate the case chatter data into case comments, therefore they will not be visible for customers. However, the data is still available and visible for Qlik Support employees. Customers can work with the Support employee assigned to the case and request any information/data on past case chatter information.


How can I see other cases submitted by my company or coworkers?

Customers may request to have access to view their organization/company’s cases by requesting Qlik Customer Support. You may contact them via live chat or by creating a case. Once the access privilege is granted, customers will see the “My organization cases” on the case portal.


Why am I not receiving email notifications?

You should expect an email notification for comments or updates added to your case. You will not receive an email for creating a new case, as you will get a submission confirmation on the same case screen. 

Also, your organization does not receive notifications for every case opened. If you would like other interested parties in your organization to receive notification emails, please request additional emails to be added as CC  when opening the case.

If you are not seeing email notifications for comments, please check your spam or junk folders and mark as a trusted sender. 

What languages does Qlik Support provide services in?

Qlik Support services are only provided in English. This includes Chatbot and Live Chat.


Which files can I attach on the case?

The following file extensions are supported on the case portal: mp4, jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, qvf, qvd, qvs, qvw, zip, ps1, json, har, 7z, log, txt, config, rar, js, css


Thanks for the details

Creator II
Creator II

This is helpful. Thanks!

The UX of the new support portal is not the greatest! Is that being looked into?

  1. The comment box is at the very bottom
  2. Comments do not have ability to 'reply' as earlier
  3. Comments lack WYSIWYG editor
  4. I have to scroll 3 pages to view the first comment on the case
Digital Support
Digital Support

Thank you @Prabodh for your Ux feedback - we have logged this enhancement and will review it as a fast follow later this month. 


I agree with @Prabodh 's comment about the Ux.  It definitely lacks the formatting and other options available (shown below) that I can see as I write this comment. 


I also found it somewhat confusing to have an update case button and a post comment button -  at one point I thought I needed to click post comment followed by update case to notify support I had posted a new comment.  Once I hit the update case button then I could see that was not the purpose of that button.


Digital Support
Digital Support

Thank you @mjht , this is noted and we're tracking as an enhancement request with our vendor. 

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hi all!

Sharing the latest FAQ update. We've added the License page link under our Case Portal ribbon selection. We're hoping this can help your navigation experience when needing to quickly access license information.


Thanks and have a great weekend, 


Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello everyone!

We have re-opened the legacy case portal in read-only mode so you can view your archived cases.  More details here. 




 I don't know if others have this issue but accessing the Case Portal from the menu at the top can be a pain if you don't move your mouse just right  (down before over).  


Would it be possible to add a link to the Support Case Portal box to View Support Cases and not just Create Support Case


Most of the time I need to add a comment or update to an existing case rather than opening a new case.  So I click on Create Support Case link and navigate backwards to Case Portal - less frustrating than the top menu but not very efficient.  A link to View/Update Support Case in the Support Case Portal box would be greatly appreciated and save me a step




Digital Support
Digital Support

Thanks @mjht ! Great feedback, I'll take it back to the team and see what we can do.



Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

This is worst update to the qlik support ever, I no longer getting notifications for my company cases opened by my team mates. This is creating unnecessary delay. 

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