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The New Qlik Community Header & Nav – What’s Changed

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The New Qlik Community Header & Nav – What’s Changed

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Sep 27, 2022 12:59:43 AM

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Sep 27, 2022 12:54:26 AM

This document will explore the major changes that came with the new Qlik Community header and navigation. Read more about the overall project on the Community News blog. 

Please note: images may contain areas not available to everyone. 


New Header, Resources and Translator

There’s so much to unpack!

  1. Resources and Qlik Greenway have now moved to the new nav! These links now point to and Qlik Help. Qlik Greenway is now at the top level in green and Qlik Resources is under the new Learn category.
    1. The dropdown arrow has been removed, the avatar is still clickable with the same menu
    2. The Message and Notification bell have switched spots
    3. The sitemap has been removed
    4. The icons are darker
    5. The new translator is now available
  3. ‘Ask a Question’ button has moved to the very top
  4. The dividing line has been removed
  5. Navigation changes include: new categories, condensed categories, and a little bit of reordering (See Navigation in TOC)


Intentional Click

The hover has been replaced with an intentional click. There are three areas that can be clicked: the top level nav (Forums, Support, Ideation, etc), the left side of the mega menu, and the links within the body of the mega menu.

Mega Menu

The mega menu is dynamic and allows for more seamless wayfinding. Pages are organized by categories on the left and optionally, categories within the body. The Nav, categories on the left and categories within the body are not links.



External Links

External links are now denoted by the external link iconJamie_Gregory_0-1664216178649.png. These links will take you outside of Qlik Community to other useful Qlik resources.

Landing Pages

Certain pages have been updated, moved or archived.  If a page has been moved, the page will auto direct to the new location.    

Updated landing pages 

  • Qlik Sense 
  • QlikView  

Moved landing pages:

  • Support 
  • Ideation
  • Education

Archived landing pages 

  • Analytics
  • Data Integration
  • Qlik AutoML
  • Qlik NPrinting


    did you rely on those pages for GA Announcements?  Subscribe to the Product Innovation blog



Find all the product forums and groups here.

The forums are organized by Analytics and Data Integration. Unsure what category the product falls under? Use Forums by Product to find where you need to go. The boards are the same, just another way to get there.


Groups are still organized by the same categories – Industry, Location and Language, Topic and Leader.


More, previously known as Other, is the home of the job board and video transcripts.

Learn has moved to the top level nav.


Support still houses knowledge articles (now Official Support Articles), Downloads (gated), Release Notes, and the Case Portal but it is now much easier to find everything. The important pages are no longer buried and everything you need is at your finger tips.



Member Articles has also found its home under Knowledge (previously under Forums). The Support Policy and Qlik Cloud Status Page have also been added. 

Learn how to move to Qlik Cloud is a new area that provides resources for migrating to, learning about, and trying Qlik Cloud.


Licenses & Archived Cases links to the old Support Portalfor current licenses and archived cases.


This area did not change much –  search and create Ideas and access the Technical Previews when available.


Qlik Gallery

Clicking on Qlik Gallery will now take you directly to the Gallery. Use the links in the carousel to read more about Qlik Gallery, Submit an App, and share the app with your peers. 



Blogs & Events

This is an area that has condensed two areas into one.

Under Blogs, you can go to the previous Blogs landing page to subscribe easily to all blogs or look through the available blogs to find what interests you. Blogs are organized by Product, Non-Technical, and Local.


Use the Events area to find webinars and in person events, look for or create a Meetup for your area, and join Supports expert led events, Techspert Talks and Q&A with Qlik.




The Learn area is newly added to the header. It was previously under Forums and now includes About and Qlik Resources.

Programs features Qlik Education and Qlik Academic Program.


Learn more About Qlik Community: visit the Get Started page, read the Community News, talk to us at the Water Cooler, meet our Community MVPs and view our Featured Members.



Qlik Resources was at the very top left hand corner. It is a curated list of all the Qlik resources we recommend.



This is a gated area of Qlik Community and is Just for Partners. Access events, news & updates, Reference 360, private groups and more!



The Greenway was somewhat hidden before in the top left corner but now is in the forefront in Qlik green. Use the resources here to learn more and go further in your Qlik journey. 


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