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Upload a new Avatar

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Upload a new Avatar

 In the My Settings section of your account, click on the Avatars tab. The Community subtab will allow you to view your current avatar, upload new ones, or select from the Community’s collection. The From my Albums tab will show you all the avatars you have uploaded.


To upload a new avatar from your computer:
-Click on the Upload an Avatar link
-Click on the Browse button
-Select the image on your computer you want to upload
-Click the Save button
-The avatar will be uploaded and ready to crop
-Resize, reposition the avatar to crop/frame it as needed
-Click the Save and Continue button
- Resize, reposition the avatar to crop/frame it as needed for how it will appear on messages you post
-Click the Save button
-Avatar is successfully uploaded and associated with your account!


More Help Available at Community Help 

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