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Did You Know? How to use Labels

Community Manager
Community Manager

Did You Know? How to use Labels

Labels are an excellent tool that allow us to better organize content.   Labels are added by the author.    In many cases you will see that we have pre-defined labels on certain boards.   One board might be mandatory with a predefined pool of labels, while another can be completely optional and enable users to create their own.

As the snapshot below demonstrates, labels are on the right navigation.  When a label  is selected only content that applies to that label will be retrieved -AND- when members subscribe to a label, they are notified by email when a new post is created.   




When posting a new question in the community, please select a label (if predefined) or add a label.  This will help us keep the content in the community better organized and more discoverable by others.   In a future article we will explain the difference between labels and tags Smiley Wink



Update:  March 22image.png, 2019:    You can now subscribe to labels.  When you click on a label you will see this:








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