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How to Ask a New Question in the Community


How to Ask a New Question in the Community

To get the quickest and best responses to your question we recommend that you locate the Community Message Board where your question would be most relevant.

Using the Navigation on the left-hand side, you will see all the options by which you can navigate across the community, for example the different Qlik Products.  There are also discussion boards under each of the main Product Categories.


We recommend and encourage you to always perform a Search for your question in case it has been answered earlier.

To post a new Question click Ask a Question under the most relevant discussion board.


In the Subject field, enter your message title.
Select the best discussion board for your question.

In the Body field, type your message. Be sure to include all necessary details, especially for technical topics.
Add Tags to your message to make it appear in searches and to categorize your question.
You have the option to Upload files to your question if needed.

Click Post


You can see all your Questions/posts on the My profile page.



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New Contributor
Oh. My. God. Cant believe Ive wasted 10 minutes of my life on this site. I stumbled across it while doing a search for how to create submenus in a (different) product (AppSheet). And the BIG question I have for you qlikers is: WHAT. IS. QLIK? The basic problem I have with the site is that nowhere does it state simply, clearly and *succintly* what qlik is and what I can use it for. Can I smoke it? There are alot of slick taglines and buzzwords even a video of some higher ups in Qlik saying what they believe in and describing their "vision", but no single sentence description. So Qlikers, what is qlik? Sorry, Ive already moved on.....
Community Manager
Community Manager

Good Day, At a very high level Qlik is an end-to-end data management and analytics platform.  You can find more information and products on https://www.qlik.com .  If you would like me to have someone contact you directly to learn more, please let me know. Thank you @Andi_Peters

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