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Explorer II

how not to round up a number...


new here and doubting if this is the right place. but i'll ask nevertheless, and please point me where I should be if it is.

I use qlik sense desktop, and I would like to make a simple  master item.

I have 

1) aantal bezoeken: Count(ClientID)   = total number of visits 

2) totale reistijd: Sum(ReistijdMinuten) = total time of travel in minutes

I want to calculate the average travel time in minutes by dividing total traveltime / number of visits.


I created a master item called : gem_reistijd_per_client:

DIV(SUM(ReistijdMinuten), Count(ClientId))


I get the right answer but it's  rounded to a whole number

So as in the example image, 

1019 Minutes / 328 visits = 3,11 minutes.

it doesn't have to be in seconds, but not rounded to a whole number.


who can help me fix this ?




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Hi Leon, 

I think you need to convert the time format into sexagesimal format, throug the function Time().

The following post is useful.




Contributor II
Contributor II


You could select the format from the measures option to change it to time, or Number and then select the appropriate format. if that doesn't work then you could use the Num function incase you want to see the data in number format or else you could use time function and define a format for eg: hh:mm:ss

This would give you the correct result.