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Application Trends Today

As I visit with customers daily, I have begun to create a list use cases where QlikView can address or has addressed needs. I am interested in learning from you if you agree with this list? Please feel free to share with me your applications found to be the most utilized in your organization.

Population Health - The request stems from the desire to have benchmark data (region, state, nation) to compare hospital performance to others. Where does your organization rank compared to others?

Revenue Cycle Management - EMRs can contain numerous routing rules that will serve to help with the flow and tracking of financials; however, what happens if: a rule is erroneously created, a rule is misunderstood and used improperly, software permits for empty field values, systems are merged together creating blank or bad data elements, incorrect coding is used, under-trained staff inadvertently associates or documents activities inconsistently, ... Do you know where all of your money is?

Clinical Readmissions - Besides ACO usage, the simple question of what percentage of your DRG population is readmitted (every 30, 60, 90 days) you know? Are you confident in your numbers?

Tracking ACO - As an EP - what can I expect for reimbursement? What can I do to make insure I maximize my reimbursement? How can I avoid penalties? How am I tracking?

Vendor and Supply Chain Analysis - One executive asked me, I have 17 vendors that provide me lightbulbs...I only need to have two and I want to compare their costs and make a choice quickly and easily. Why are there 2+ price points for the same SKU if you have ONE contracted rate with a vendor? Who charges the most for services? Are the services the best quality compared to others? What does it cost to run Healthcare machinery?

There are many other applications available to list; however, I stop here to hear from you.


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