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Explorer II
Explorer II

Having images change with dimension selection

I have a QlikSense dashboard that reflects data for individual physicians.  Selecting their name displays their name at the top and all their corresponding performance metrics.  I have each physician's headshot as a .jpg file and would like to have their headshot appear on the dashboard too.   Has anyone done this?

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There may be a better way to do this, but we ended up using an extension called, "simple table (with links)" to insert the dynamic images.  It works.  One downside is that when there is no person selected, the embedded image table wants to display all of the .jpg images.

I hope someone has a more practical solution for us...


Haven't tried this personally, but i know this extension has worked for others. Could just set this to show when 1 provider is selected. 

Rishi Muchhala
Nemours Childrens
Mgr, Enterprise Intelligence