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Visualizing Data that doesn't exist ... aka A Readmission Dashboard

Many who make requests seem to have a belief that Business Intelligence is magic. They loose their ability to listen to logic and reason and simply ask you to do the impossible.


Pulling data from 18 different sources, many of which that you don’t even have access to. Childs play like pulling a rabbit from a hat.

Turning bad into good and interpreting the meaning of the data. A little tougher kind of like making your stunning assistant float in midair.

Creating a readmissions dashboard. Hey we aren’t Houdini.

That data doesn’t even really exist. Oh sure it exists in the minds of the people who want you to produce it out of thin air, but I’ve yet to see a single Electronic Health Record that stored readmission data. They only store admission data, not RE-admission data.

Patient NameAdmission DateDischarge Date
John Doe1/1/20161/4/2016
John Doe1/7/20161/10/2016
John Doe1/30/20162/4/2016

Those who want dashboards for Readmissions look at data like the above and talk to you like you are insane because in their minds it is clear as day that John Doe wasreadmitted on 1/7, 3 days after their first visit, and was then readmitted again on 1/30, 20 days after his second visit.

You can read the complete article at my QlikDork blog site and I will share how Qlik's ETL will help...

1 Reply

That is an interesting way of doing it, but it is possible do just using formula and variables to detect the readmission.

I know as I built this into a  major UK healthcare benchmarking dashboard!

However from memory I think my specification was probably a little less intense than yours and I expect my solution is certainly slower!