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Mini-Charts in Tables: Normalize the X-Axis


Mini-Charts in Tables: Normalize the X-Axis

The Ask: 

Add support for setting the X-Axis to Local or Global so the data can align when appropriate.


The addition of mini charts is awesome!   Great control, but the one thing missing... and it is critical, is the ability to normalize the X-Axis across the table rows.

This is much like the ability to normalize the Y-Axis so you can compare from row-to-row.   The ability to compare values relative to the X-Axis is just, if not more important. 

In the example below, I have Sales over YearMonth, yet as I move down the rows I have lots of sales per month for some countries and other countries with just a few months (or less) of Sales.   I have no idea how the data points align from row-to-row.   Are Thailand's two periods of sales consecutive periods of sales?  Are they several months apart?  An old territory that hasn't purchased product for years? Or a brand new territory with that has only been selling since last month?

If the X-Axis data points could, like the Y-Axis, be set to Local or Global that would really enhance the analytic value of the mini-charts!