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Option to remove an App from the work area after republishing it


Option to remove an App from the work area after republishing it

Often I myself in the following situation:

There is a published App and I need to change something. So I duplicate it, open the copy in the work area and to the change. After the change I open the context menu in the Hub and choose "Publish" and overwrite the original one.

But I'm left with the working duplicate in my Hub which I have to remove in a second work step.

So why not integrate that action as an option in the Publish Dialog like so?


This would help streamling the work process a little bit each time an edit is needed.


Hi @Helmut thank you for sharing this idea with us. We have changed the workflow a lot within our QSE SaaS product, where you do not have to make a copy of the App first / duplicate it to continue to work. The parent / child relation has been introduced as part of our Space concept. Removing an App within the Publishing flow in a QSE Client Managed environment is not planned right now, which is why I'm closing this specific one. But I would be very interested to hear your feedback about the new content workflow / app lifecycle as part of a QSE SaaS Tenant. Have you been working with it already ?

Thanks again for participating in our ideas forum and looking forward to hearing from you.


Status changed to: Closed - Declined

Hi @Thomas_Hopp , 

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately all of our customers have their Qlik Sense On Premise, so I have no chance to work with the lifecycle in the SaaS environment.