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QlikSense Folders inside Apps


QlikSense Folders inside Apps

After using qlik sense since 2 years, I found out that I have around 50-100 sheets just in one app on avg depending on the APP. Is quite complicated to have those sheets organized, and will be quite handy if a Folder functionality inside an app is available.




This is still part of our backlog and not yet confirmed for when we are able to change this behaviour. But we are working on especially self service capabilities. So I'll update this thread again ASAP and there will be a session on Mulit Developer / Multi User scenarios during Qlik World in May. Organising content within an App is obviously part of it.

What I can add is a hint into a capability that we are planning to even increase over the next couple of weeks. This is all about the ability to store different types of content in a Space. And this will allow you as a developer to cross reference content coming from other Apps and organising it this way also.