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Reusing dimension colors / value colors in drill-down dimensions


Reusing dimension colors / value colors in drill-down dimensions


Sometimes we spend time in defining colors for value rages in regular dimensions and then we want to reuse these dimensions as part of a drill-down (I won't talk about using and reusing dimension labels, which is also needed).  As far as I know, there is currently no way to reuse previously defined dimensions, and their attributes, as members of a drill-down dimension via the Sense UI.  Is there any plan to support this in Qlik Sense?   If this can be done now, please indicate how.


Hi @jdiaz ,

The best way to reuse dimensions is to utilize master items and create master dimensions. These can also have their own color values. You can also create master drill down items, which may be set to color (by dimension) but not by measure.

There is already an open idea collecting feedback for "color by measure", so if this is what you are looking for please add your support and comments here: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Ideas/Color-variable-in-measure/idi-p/1628417 

Can you clarify further if these are your concerns or if there was something else I missed?


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Hi Meghann,

Thanks for your response.

My suggestion has to do with not being able to reuse attributes defined in
Single Dimensions as part of Drill-down Dimensions. For instance, using
the images below as reference, one can define color by value in a Single
Dimension called DimCountry, as seen in the first figure below, but the
color-by-value attributes of this Dimension can not be reused as part of a
new drill-down dimension containing the field Country - since one can only
use fields, not previously defined dimensions, as the components of a
drill-down dimension. So, in the second figure, one could only pick the
field named Country instead of the previously created DimCountry dimension
where we defined the colors for each country. Furthermore, as you mention
in your email, only one color can be used for all the dimensional
components of the drill-down (in this case, yellow). Assuming the colors
used for the dimension values are available in a table somewhere, since I
don't know of any function that can return the color assigned by a user to
a dimension value via the Sense UI, it seems possible that one could use a
complex formula using GetObjectField() and Pick(Match()) to construct a
color by expression wherever this drill-down is used, but why go through
all that trouble vs. just allowing the reuse of Single Dimensions (and
their attributes) in Drill-down Dimensions?

[image: image.png]

[image: image.png]

BTW, Cyclic Groups are also needed in Qlik Sense: I recently had to port to
Qlik Sense a QV pivot table with six row dimensions (each one of them a
Cyclic Group with 20+ dimensions) and it was a real pain.