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Ideation Guidelines: The Review Process

Once your idea has been submitted, it can go through many statuses and updates as part of the review. Here is an overview of the Product Management review process and the life cycle of an idea.


New Ideas



  • All ideas start in an “Open – New” status and will receive an initial review against the submission guidelines.
  • Ideas that do not meet the submission criteria will be sent back to the submitter for an update. Ideas that are not updated within 30 days will be archived.
  • Ideas that meet the submission criteria will receive a Product Management review within six to eight weeks of Idea submission. Ideas that have been reviewed by Product Management will change from an “Open – New” status to another status.
  • Eligible Qlik Community members may vote and comment on the new Ideas.



Existing Ideas



  • Product Management also reviews the existing ideas every 10 weeks
    • Open “Hot Ideas” and “Top Ideas” are reviewed for a strategic fit every planning cycle.
    • The “Open – On Roadmap” and “Open – In Development” ideas are reviewed every product release cycle.
  • Product Management updates and documents statuses as necessary.
  • Eligible Qlik Community members may vote and comment on the new Ideas.
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