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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

40+ Charts for Qlik Sense with Demo Apps

🎁 We made QS demo apps for each of the 🔥40+🔥 chart types currently available in our data visualization extensions for Qlik Sense.

Check out what awesome interactive charts you can easily create — here's a list of the chart types currently available:

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Barmekko Chart
  • Box Chart
  • [NEW!] Bullseye Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Donut Chart 3D
  • Error Chart
  • Funnel Chart
  • Gantt Chart:
    • Project Chart
    • Resource Chart
  • Gauge:
    • Linear Gauge
    • Circular Gauge
    • LED Gauge
    • Tank Gauge
    • Thermometer Gauge
  • Heatmap Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Mekko Chart
  • Mosaic Chart
  • Percent Stacked Charts:
    • Area
    • Bar
    • Column
    • Radar
  • Pie Chart
  • Pie Chart 3D
  • Pyramid Chart
  • Quadrant Chart
  • Radar Chart
  • Sankey Chart
  • Scatter Chart
  • Stacked Charts:
    • Stacked Area Chart
    • Stacked Bar Chart
    • Stacked Column Chart
    • Stacked Radar Chart
    • [NEW!] Stacked Waterfall Chart
  • Stock Chart (available series - Area, Candlestick, Column, Line, OHLC, Spline, and Spline Area)
  • [NEW!] Sunburst Chart
  • Timeline Chart
  • Treemap Chart
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Word/Tag Cloud

See all these demonstrated in action in Qlik Sense, on the demo server.

Don't miss out on our special demo apps available for download (.qvf) from our website:

  • Active Construction Projects (DASNY)
  • School Facilities Projects (NYCSCA)
  • Mobile Food Facility Permits (SF Public Works)
  • U.S. Demographics (2010 Census)
  • U.S. Honey Production (NASS)
  • Power Generation in India (CEA)
  • Active Clinical Trials (RPCI)

🚀 Keep these demos at hand as examples for a quick start with one chart or another in your data analytics projects.

You are also more than welcome to request a live demo session.

Need more chart types for Qlik Sense? Let us know!

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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Updated the original post according to the recent changes to the demo apps section on our website. Quick links:

"How to Create a Decomposition Tree in Qlik Sense: Transform Root Cause Analysis [Video Tutorial]" — Watch now!