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Contributor II

Advise on feasibility / where to start APIs


I'm completely new to the world of APIs so i wanted to check that my idea is actually possible first?

We have Qlik sense which we use for pulling data out of our SAP system and we also use another app called AwareIM for infromation flow on the shop floor. AwareIM has a feature where it can consumer RESTful services so I am thinking of doing the following: 

1. Create a API which contains a table of customer orders pulled from SAP in Qlik Sense (this will include columns such as part number, quanitity, due date) 

2. Get the data via a REST connection and use it to update the data in the AwareIM software, using a primary key such as the customers order number. 


I have had a look at the developer tool and I'm a little confused on where to start so i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction?

I have made a qlik sense app which has the orderbook in a table, would this be the first step before i create the API?


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It sounds to me like you are looking for a way to extract data from a Qlik Sense app using the APIs. Is that correct? In that case it's the engine-API you need to look into. It's not a REST API though. It's based on JSON RPC over websockets. If you're operating in the JavaScript world, then you probably want to look into using something like the enigma library:


And to extract data, you'll need to learn about hypercubes:


An example for using enigma to extract data from a hypercube can be found here:



Hi @jhew1234 ,

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