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Create an Alternate State via Qlik Engine JSON Api

Hi Community,

I'm trying to create an Alternate State via Qlik Engine JSON API. I'm using the AddAlternateState method from the Doc Class. When I use it, the Alternate State is created correctly, but when I close the socket connection to the engine, it dissapears. My intention is to create an Alternate State persistently, the same way I can create it via the web interface at Master Items.

It occurs the same when I try to remove an Alternate State created via the web interface, using the RemoveAlternateState method. I can remove it, but when I close the connection to the Engine, it appears again.

Is there any way to create them and remove them persistently?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi, thank you for your answer.

It was Qlik Enterprise, but adding a DoSave solved my issue.

Thank you very much.