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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Customer properties . changes on the sheet after Ctrl+F5 only

Hi, all.

defining a custom property

DropListL: {

                            type: 'string',
                            component: 'expression',
                            label: 'First field for list',
                            ref: 'field1',
                            defaultValue: ''
and function in angular controller , where use this propertie:
function ListForm(a) {
                 var ArrTemp = new Array();
                var myField = app.field(a).getData();

                myField.OnData.bind(function () {
                    myField.rows.forEach(function (row) {

                        var ObjTemp = new Object();
               = String(row.qElemNumber);
               = row.qText;

                    ArrTemp = [];

                var DataTemp = new Object();

                DataTemp.model = "0"
                DataTemp.availableOptions = ArrTemp;
                return DataTemp;
            $scope.data1 = ListForm($scope.layout.field1);
As a result, I receive field of field (from prop) for use in template in block SELECT OPTION
Well, but it's work after save edit and refresh sheet (CTRL+F5)
What needs to be down for the chsnges to take effect  immediately? Without forced sheet refresh?
Thank you for you help.
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