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Partner - Creator

Displaying Images in QS & NPrinting


I know this is something that has been mentioned in a few previous posts but wondering / hoping someone has recently solved this! I have a requirement to display images within Qlik Sense and also support the images being embedded into NPrinting reports as well. The images are locally hosted on a separate server, what we have tried so far include:

  • Creating an extension to originally take the images from an Oracle DB (stored as binary) and load them into memory. This was not sustainable due to the amount of images
  • The images were then moved to a SharePoint site and by using an extension from Qlik Branch (PicFlip) we were able to display images both on QS and the NPrinting templates. However there was SharePoint issues and there is an obvious risk that the extension could break at some point.
  • So we're currently in the position where the images are stored in a shared drive and struggling to come up with a solution that works.

Any help would be appreciated.



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