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Creator II
Creator II

Extension in Qliksense


I want suggestion for a couple of Extension that one might need. I understands Qliksense Cloud has  custom bundle packages but I believe one need some common extension ( List ) . I am working in Qliksense Environment and I need some common Qliksense extension name that we can add in Server. 

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What extensions you need depends on what you want to do. The built-in charts have developed a lot, so things you needed an extension for a couple of years ago might very well be covered by the built-in charts today. Also with the addition of Themes to Qlik Sense you can now use themes to solve some styling issues you needed extensions for in earlier versions.

Still there are use cases where you need extensions. You should probably start with those, verify that your request is still not covered by the built-in charts, then look at the bundles delivered by Qlik and if your case still isn't covered evaluate extensions.

If you decide to use extensions make sure you know how to handle troubleshooting, upgrades etc. If you don't have the knowledge in-house you might need to hire someone to help you with that.

Creator II
Creator II

Thanks. Yes we have Qlik bundles extension . And I knew that some of the extension have been added in default also. Some common extension I believe we might need it . I need very basic which one can need in future.

1. a line horizontal

2. Line vertical

3. Tab Container

4. Formatting option for Table or Pivot Table

5. Arrow