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Contributor III
Contributor III

Google Bigquery (Big query) - Connecting to a saved query

Hello All,

I am wondering how to connect to a saved/ scheduled query in Google BigQuery (if possible)?  I have set up the bigquery connection all fine with Qlik Sense online. 

If it is not, How would I run the SQL query in the load script? for some reason I am having an issue with the UNNEST function in it. It is also important that I am able to load data from all tables (dates) - as I can do this in bigquery, so can this be done in Qlik, or do I have to load each table separately? I am using standard SQL:

SELECT event_date, event_timestamp, user_pseudo_id,, geo.region,
(select value.string_value from unnest (event_params) where key = "item_category") as question,
(select value.string_value from unnest (event_params) where key = "correct") as score,
(select value.string_value from unnest (event_params) where key = "item_context") as Question_Bank
FROM `test_database_*`
where event_name = "item_answered"


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Did you ever resolve this?