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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Having a common list of dimensions and measures in extension column definition

Hi Experts

I am working on an Qlik Sense extension and I want to have a common list of dimensions and measures in the definition (similar like it is in a native Qlik Sense Table object, where you can add either dimension or measure and then order as you wish.

Is this achievable in some "standard" declarative way, or the only way is to build a custom Angular component for the definition?





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Contributor II
Contributor II


There  are some properties from the native visualizations  that can be reused.  By default the properties panel will always have an appearance section with a section header General.

To provide the natives Dimension/Measure section in your extension you just need to set the section property uses to dimensions or measures:








You will have immediatly available the default properties:

  • Field
  • Label
  • Show null values
  • Limitation
  • Show others
  • Others label



Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Hi Pedro

Thank you for you reply. I am aware of dimensions and measures sections in the definition. But this gives me two separate lists, one for dimensions and one for measures. What I want to achieve is that both dimensions and measures are in the same list, so that I can order them (exactly as it is in the native QS table object, where I can put a dimension column, and then a measure column, and then a dimension column and so on).