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Help with free extension for multiple KPI


I'm looking for an extension to present multiple KPI (count based on dimension values). I would also need to be able to assign "actions" on the extension properties (like apply specific filters and navigate to another sheet). I have already tested out Vizlib extension (which pretty much covers everything I'm looking for), but they're not free and in the scenario I would be using this visualization we wouldn't be able to buy the extensions. I have also tried the treemap chart, but it wouldn't visually work, plus it doesn't let me assign actions to it. The kind of visualization I'm going for is like the "Simple KPI" and "Multi KPI" ones on QlikSense, but defined by the values on a specific dimension.

I have also heard of making my own extension, or widget, using html/css/javascript, but unfortunately that wouldn't be a feasible option at this moment.

An example:

I have a list of all the employees in a group, group which has multiple companies under it. I want to have a visualization where based on the company I can see how many employees are in each one of them (that could be with a simple count).

This is sort of what I'm looking for, this would be the values in the company dimension and their respective employee count.


Then this would be a dimension called department, inside a company (on the visualization, once you click it should apply that company filter and take you to the next sheet:


Any help would be appreciated..

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hi @alvarotoral1 ,

If you feel like making of your own can visit udemy I am a trainer there I have courses for the same your requirement will be fulfilled using extension so I suggest if you want to learn and build your own these courses will help a lot.
If you prefer getting it to build for you or organization I will be able to help you with that too, connect me: ajaykakkar93@gmail.com