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Contributor II

How to authenticate to QlikSense API

Hi Everyone,

I am new to QlikSense and looking forward to use the QRS API to do certain task which i will explain later in this thread. I have a python script which grabs data from our corporate LDAP and add a user to in the Active Directory where QlikSense installed. QlikSense thus use this user to authenticate to dashboards. But we have setup custom properties for users to do a segregation on what type of dashboards he can view. What i am looking for here is to use the QlikSense API from programming language like Python and help achieve this so that i do not have to go and add that user to that group(Custom Property list) manually. I have read a lot about it and i am not able to figure out how to do it.

Also to note here that i want this to be remotely executed.

Can someone please help me on this. The API documentation looks really complicated to me.


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So the ask is for pointers on QRS API calls using Python? Here's a solid project to review:

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Contributor III

You can use this package

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Contributor II