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How to fetch dimensions and measures data using Qlik Sense engine API?

Hi all,

I am currently exploring Qlik Sense Engine API to fetch data from application & my flow is,

1. OpenDoc method. I passed appId as qDocName & document got opened.

2. CreateSessionObject is to create dummy object for data fetch.

Here I got stuck what to do next?

Though I have dimensions and measures names. but I don't know how to use it to fetch the data.

Is above flow in right way? if no then please do suggest and provide steps or code to follow.

I want HyperCube which contains my dimensions & measures values.

Any help will be appreciated.

Bhargav Patel.

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Partner - Creator II

Hi Bhargav,

Is there a reason you must use the Engine API to do this?

Otherwise, have you looked at the documentation for create cube with the App API?



I have written a post on this here:

Note that you can use the mashup editor in dev-hub to help you with this. Hypercube format is the same whether you use Engine api or capabilities APIs.

If you prefer a video, there is one at youtube:

Hope this helps

Erik Wetterberg

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Thanks for your response Jesper.

The reason to explore Engine API is to connecting qlik with python using websockets.

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again awesome response Erik but is there any tutorial available so that i could interact with qlik sense using websockets in python?


Look at this python library:

Examples in the test folder.

Although the library is not maintained anymore it worked perfectly for me.