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Creator III
Creator III

How to get app name or appid from objectid?

if i have an object id of  'abcdefg', how to know which app id it belongs to?

I know we can go from app to objectid's from dev hub but can we go from object to app?

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If you have the Operations Monitor installed, you can search for an Object ID on the bottom table on the Apps sheet.

Creator III
Creator III

The objectid which we see from devhub>single configurator and the objectids from the operations monitor are different.

I don't see any objectids ex: Ftpvc4 with 6 characters in operations monitor?


You're right.  I don't know how the one translates to the other... 


Let's break objects into two groups:

  1. Sheets
  2. Other objects (e.g. visualizations inside of sheets)

For (1), this is exposed via the Qlik Repository Service. An example call would be GET /qrs/app/object/full?filter=(engineObjectId eq '46d7c133-5f54-45cf-87c1-7ceb93b2e584')

For (2), this is a trickier topic and would require Engine API calls (which are simulated in the Dev-Hub). I am not an Engine API guy to provide a simple example, but has been handled in the Qlik Sense Telemetry Dashboard project. As a part of this NodeJS Scripts are executed which build out a metadata repository of apps. apps.csv = apps, sheets.csv = sheets (joined to apps with appid), and visualizations (joined with sheets with sheetId). That project is a bit heavy for this discrete ask but it's the easiest method that I am aware of to do this without writing out Node scripts yourself.