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Creator II
Creator II

How to get the data in Qliksense .Net SDK?


i'm trying to get the data from Qliksense Objects. I'm using below code to achieve this,

Datapage = ((ITable)child).DataPages;

foreach (NxDataPage NxData in Datapage)


     var matrix = NxData.Matrix;


I'm getting zero records for some tables. Even if it has records. i got another code to get the data from

var first10ElementsPage = new NxPage{ Top = 0, Height = 10};

IEnumerable<NxDataPage> tableData = myTable.GetData(new[] { first10ElementsPage });

But the Problem here is Height parameter (Number of Rows). it is dynamic. How to identify the number of records in an object.

Is there any other method to achieve this.

Please help me.....

Thanks and Regards,

Prabhu Appu

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In your first senario there is probably not an InitialDataFetch defined on the chart, which means that it will not have any data until you call GetData.

To identify the number of records in a object the hypercube has a Size which indicates the size of the hypercube. Size.Cx indicates the number of columns and Size.Cy indicates the number of rows.

Note that there is a limit of max 10000 elements (NxPage.Left * NxPage.Height) that can be retreived in a GetData.

Best regards

Lars-Göran Book