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Navigation and Actions Extension in Qlik Sense


We have installed latest version (v1.1.0) of Navigation and Actions extension in June 2017 version of qliksense, but its impacting the apps which uses older version of the same extension (v0.8.1) (ie, navigation is not working properly). Could you please suggest some solution to install latest version without impacting the functionality of older version?




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That is probably not possible, but you could try the one that is bundled with Qlik Sense November 2018. Since that one is renamed, you could probably install that without affecting the older version.

Though your old Sense version might be a problem, not clear that the bundled version works with June 2017. You might need to upgrade.


FYI - In order to use the "extension bundles" that comes with Qlik Sense, you need to install Qlik Sense November 2018, as there is now a 'checkbox' that allows the installation of the extensions bundled with Qlik Sense.  Note that these "bundled extensions" are Qlik supported.  However, if you have a 'custom' extension that you built or downloaded from Qlik Branch or some other source, these are not supported.   Although extensions may load properly, be sure to test the extensions, as the system account installs the extension and they are owned by sa_repository.  If you have an old security rule on the server that restricts access to these extensions, you may experience issues on the front-end (e.g in sheet objects where they are used).