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New Qlik Sense extension released on Qlik Branch: KFTable

New Qlik Sense extension released on Qlik Branch: KFTable


Hi, today I released a first version of my first Qlik Sense extension. I call it the KFTable, until I come up with a more suitable name. My ambition is to leverage one of Qlikview/Qlik Sense most powerful features in a more user friendly way, the Set analysis. I want to separate it from the measure as it's own entity, and make it addative. Just like a filter.

The KFTable in this release just uses basic formatting and apperance. 1 dimension and measures for rows. The columns modify the rows measures with set analysis or column expression.

For example let say we have Dimension: Country, Measures: Sales, Grossprofit, Average order value and Units sold. YTD and YTD last year are set analysises added to those measures and YTD YoY% is just an column expression.

CountryKPI'sYTDYTD last yearYoY%
SwedenSales110 000100 00010%
Gross profit12 50010 00025%
Average order value400500-20%
Units sold1201200%



When I created a table like this in Qlikview I needed to create measures or variables for the rows times the columns except for the columns that uses column expressions like  YoY% "(Column(1)-Column(2))/Column(2)". 4 X 2 = 8. But with this new approach you only need to create rows plus the columns equals 6. When you wan't lots of columns you get alot of measures to manage and it's a hassle. I also tried to make the creation of set analysis a more user friendly in the property interface.

Check out the example app included in the extension!

This is just the first version and I want to improve this with the help of the community and the developers from Qlik.

Known issues

No reordering of measures or columns

No sorting

No table formatting

Almost all logic in paint function.






Custom components for better UX

Best regards


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Added reordering of rows and columns

Creator III
Creator III


hi Karl!

Your extension is very useful. Any plans to update it? It's not working in the latest version of Qlik Sense.

Thank you!