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QDT Components and Vue.js

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has created a mashup recently with Vue.js and whether they have a Git repo they could share to show how they went about it?

I am an Angular developer who's just starting with Vue and I've had a requirement thrown at me to create a Qlik mashup with it. I've previously used the QDT Components library with Angular and was thinking to do the same this time around, however there haven't been any updates to QDT Components for two years or so - it got to beta for version three and appears to have been dropped after that. If anyone has any more information about that too, I'd love to know about it.

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Partner - Contributor III


Hi @ArtOfData , I suggest to don't use QDT component anymore, it is not supported anymore and it has a security breach in one of the library (three js 0.113.2) used for compiling the project.