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Qlik sense Sheets into web page

Hi All,

I have installed qlik sense server 2.1.1 onto my local machine(laptop). I want to embed a sheet from published app into my aspx web page. This page is visible to anyone after publishing to local IIS server and anyone can see that sheet embedded in page.

One thing I tried to do is to use single configuration on dev hub and embedded the sheet using iframe but sheet is not visible to other users.

It shows an error of Server not found.  Do the users have to be added to qmc first?? or anything else I have to do. Please tell.

I'll be glad if anyone can help.



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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hi Abdul,

I have tried to do the same thing. This method, used above when doing so with a <iframe> works fine when deployed on localhost "Desktop Version". Because no license are needed.

When trying th same thing with the Server version and the adders location becomes "SERVERNAME" and not localhost then the users wanting to use the system must have appropriate authentication parameters.

Eg. Mike who has an access pass would be able to see the features, it he logs in. Where as James, who does not have a access pass, would not be able to see the sheets, because his authentication will fail.

Thats my take on it. I still haven't fully figured out how it works. I'm also strugling!

Do let me know if you figure it out.

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Thanks Nico for your reply. This is the thing which I want to avoid means I want to use just one access pass and on based on that user credentials on backend I want to display sheets on page. May be by using some APIs like QPS and QRS but I don't have a clear idea.

May be some one can help us.

Anyone who have worked on APIs that how can I achieve this???