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Contributor III
Contributor III

Risks related to creating own extensions

I work in a corporate environment developing an app, that has 500-1000 users in total.

So far we have used only the standard objects in our app, but as we are progressing, we are becoming more aware of the limits of the standard objects.

Because of this, and to improve my skills professionally, I've become interested in learning to create new custom objects.

However, the organisation I work with is very cautious, since the data we handle is sensitive. Also, there's the risk of breaking things otherwise in a serious manner.

As I have understood, Qlik Sense extensions are written in Javascript and can be used only to work with data that has already been loaded into the app. To verify this, I'm asking:

Is it possible to make changes to the data load script with extensions?

And secondly:

How badly can you mess up things with a broken extension?

Any insight on this will be greatly appreciated.

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This might not be the answer you want..

Yes, an extension can change the data load script, but only if the user running it has the right to do this.

And you can mess things up pretty badly.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello Erik,

Thank you for your answer. Of course I want to have truthful answer so I don't mess things up.

Where would you suggest to start learning? Basic Javascript lessons maybe?

Is there a way to develop them locally so the risk would be smaller when practicing?


If you don't know javascript, you should learn that. Also learn about how Qlik works, hypercube, generic object etc.


For almost all extensions, Qlik Sense Desktop is the best dev environment.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Perfect, I'll look into those. Thanks for your insight and have a great weekend!


I agree with @ErikWetterberg,  if you wish to learn there are some resources available on the web & udemy also you can surely learn and get the best out of this capability 


@DataShark Check the following Help Doc link:


The other place you may want to look around too is the Design Blog area of Community:


Hopefully this may be of a little more help.


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