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Contributor II
Contributor II

Sense Extension - styling the property pane (group buttons)


I have a few things I'm trying to include as options for app developers within the extensions I'm building but hitting some walls with the property pane. Overall what I'd really love is to create a custom component which can be loaded into the property pane to allow users to select the settings for the extension. I understand this was possible way back in version 1.1 but custom components are now excluded anywhere but within a widget.

The latest thing I'm trying to do is to add a list of buttons as a group to select the alignment within my extension. I have 9 options and they just go off the screen like in attached file (button-alignment-too-many-buttons.png). Ideally I'd obviously like them to wrap down the screen, I'd also like to add an image/icon for the button text.

Another thing I'm trying to do is to include an array property within another array property. This actually works fine but again problems with the styling. This is mainly due to the delete button always being shown at the bottom of the list. When you have the last item of the inner array open the delete buttons are so close and not differentiated, very easy to delete your whole array rather than just a single item. Can see this in attached file (array-within-array-property.png).

Anyone have any ideas or is there any plans in place for including custom components within the property panel?


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