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Partner - Contributor

Theres a way to sort a table by name of custom property with QRS API ?

I want to sort a table by a custom property name, theres a way to do this ?

I'm using this :

qrs/App/table?&xrfkey=aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa&orderAscending=true&filter=published eq true&skip=0&sortColumn=namet&take=20

What i actually want to do basically:
qrs/App/table?&xrfkey=aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa&orderAscending=true&filter=published eq true&skip=0& eq test&take=20
Some informations: 
a snippet of the body of the POST: 
{ "name": "customProperties", "columnType": "List", "definition": "CustomPropertyValue",
           "list": [
               { "name": "id", "columnType": "Property", "definition": "id" },
               { "name": "createdDate", "columnType": "Property", "definition": "createdDate" },
               { "name": "modifiedDate", "columnType": "Property", "definition": "modifiedDate" },
               { "name": "modifiedByUserName", "columnType": "Property", "definition": "modifiedByUserName" },
               { "name": "value", "columnType": "Property", "definition": "value" },
               { "name": "definition", "columnType": "Property", "definition": "definition" },
               { "name": "name", "columnType": "Property", "definition": "" }
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Hi @wellington1


Do you mean flter? It would be just eq 'custom_property_name'


The sortcolumn is to sort a property


Hope it helps.



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