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Document failed to open for unknown reasons when accessing a QlikView document from AccessPoint

Digital Support
Digital Support

Document failed to open for unknown reasons when accessing a QlikView document from AccessPoint

A QlikView document (.qvw) hosted on the QlikView AccessPoint fails to open with any available clients (AJAX, Plugin, Desktop).

The following error variations are shown on screen: 

Document failed to open for unknown reasons.

Document failed to open, file corrupt.

Document corrupt.

The QlikView Server Event log will report the following errors:

Warning File: Shared File Disappeared: DOCUMENTPATH\Document.QVW.Shared.

Warning Document Load: The document DOCUMENTPATH\Document.qvw failed to load for unknown reasons (e=14) [22].

Warning File: Shared File Disappeared: DOCUMENTPATH\Document.qvw.Meta.






  1. Verify the Effective Permissions of the Windows account running the QlikView Server Service. It needs to have full read and write access to be able to modify and create the .SHARED/.TSHARED and .META files.
  2. If the Effective Permissions are correct: Check if the User Document folder is within the folder structure of a Windows Share. If this Share does not permit full access to the QlikView Server Service account, the .SHARED/.TSHARED and .META files will not be created!
  3. Should a .SHARED/.TSHARED file already exist, and the two previous options did not apply, try to rename the existing .SHARED/.TSHARED file and access the document. If this succeeds, check with Support for a possible workaround.
  4. QlikView November 2018 IR (12.30) was affected by defect QV-16234, which prompted this issue. The defect has been resolved in SR 1 of 12.30 and any later releases. 

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