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How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Qlik Sense Business

Digital Support
Digital Support

How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Qlik Sense Business

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an extra layer of security to access to our Qlik Sense Business (QSB).


  • MFA has been made Optional for Service Account Owner (SAO) with a paid QSB Subscription. 
  • MFA is optional for Invitees and Tenant Admins.
  • MFA can be disabled at any time.


Q - What happens if SAO is MFA locked out due to (Change of device or lost)?
A - SAO Can use the Recovery Code generated in setting up the MFA.

Q - What happens if SAO looses the MFA Recovery link or does not save the new generated one.
A - Please contact Qlik Customer Support to reset MFA How to create a case

Q - Can a user setup MFA without a mobile?
A - Yes, there are desktop options fro Google authenticator.

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1. Access to My Qlik Portal How to Access My Qlik Portal
2. Go to Password & Security
3. Click on Setup


4. Install a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) on phone. There are several on the market, (Google Authenticator - LastPass Authenticator - Microsoft Authenticator and more)

Note: Using just a QR reader will not work, Only a MFA Authetication app will. 

5. Scan the QR code with your MFA Authenticator

How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication02.png

6. Proceeded to use the code created from MFA authenticator 
7. Then a important recovery link is given for ONE time use - IMPORTANT - Save this code for recovery purposes *

How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication03.png

8. You will see that the MFA is successfully set.

How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication.jpg
* If you see yourself the need to use the MFA Recovery code, Note that a new one will be generated. Please save the last one generated.

9. If in the future MFA needs to be disabled, navigate to the same screen and click "Remove"...
How to Setup Multi-Factor Authenticatio02.jpg
10. then, click "Yes, remove"
How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication03.jpg
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Contributor II
Contributor II

When will you make it possible to enforce Multi-Factor Authentication for all users in my Qlik Sense account? The security governance of MFA is very weak if it is up to the individual business user to enable MFA on their account as an optional feature. Like all our other SaaS services we would require to have MFA enforced account-wide by the admin.

Alternatively if you would include standard SSO options like Google Workspace to the Qlik Sense Business SaaS to re-use their MFA that comes with the SSO. 

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @Notwo !

Thank you for your feedback and for voicing your interest in further development and improvements. It's a great idea and I would highly recommend you post it over on our ideas forum to give that feedback directly to our product teams

Please feel free to @ me once you do as I want to cast my vote on it!

All the best,


Contributor II
Contributor II
Digital Support
Digital Support

Voted! Thanks, @Notwo 

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