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Known current issues in SaaS editions of Qlik Sense


Known current issues in SaaS editions of Qlik Sense

ALIVE ARTICLEthis article will be populated and constantly maintained with known SaaS issues, as they come and go.
Please, bookmark it and use it as a reference whenever you encounter a problem to see if Qlik is already aware about it.
Solved issues will be removed one week after resolution.

Qlik Sense Business 

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS 

Qlik Data Transfer 


  • Qlik Sense SaaS REST connector error ".. hexadecimal value 0xFFFE, is an invalid character..." when reloading an XML file from a specific REST API

    We are currently seeing this error happening when loading an xml file from a specific api site. The issue doesn't happen with on premise versions of Qlik Sense.

    This was reported to R&D, and identified as a defect with ID QB-3844. 

    Current status: In Progress

  • Setting a default bookmark to create an app landing page not working as expected (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/cloud-services/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Sense_Hub/Bookmarks/set-default-bo...)

    We are currently seeing that it takes some time to be able to see the default landing page bookmark working after it has been created. 

    This was reported to R&D, and identified as a current limitation with ID QB-2819. 

    On the other hand, there is also an improvement on going on this feature with ID: QLIK-103181
    Current status: New

  • Qlik Data Transfer Feb 2021 shows a blank screen

    This was reported to R&D with ID DTB-31, since this is a critical issue and many of the customers are affected, we have rolled back the Feb 21 release.
    Current status: In Progress

  • Reloading in debug mode not working when including files using must include

    Getting error "Invalid parameters" when reloading in debug mode, when including files using must include.
    This was reported to R&D with ID QB-4220
    Current status: In Progress

  • QVWs Distributed to Qlik SaaS do not update in an expected manner

    When distributing a QlikView app from QlikView Publisher into Qlik SaaS, the underlying application in Qlik SaaS is nominally reported as updated as judged by the QlikView Publisher task log and the "Last Modified" column in the Hub show the app as being successfully updated/uploaded. When the app is opened, the underlying data has not changed compared against the app as distributed against QVS at the same time.

    This was reported to R&D with ID QB-4160 and confirmed as  a defect
    Current status: In Progress

  • Exporting some tables to Excel might results in some lines being dropped.

    Exports from a table object return a subset or none of the rows visible in the app.
    This was reported to R&D with ID QB-4044
    Current status: In Assessment

  • Can't use Amazon Web Services' (AWS) smtp server in Qlik Sense on the Cloud, nor other SMTP servers that won't allow using an email address as the username 

    It is not possible to use Amazon Web Services'  smtp server: our system requires authentication using an email address, while in AWS the username is in a different format.
    Check this link for further details.
    This was reported to R&D , and identified as a current limitation: there is  however an improvement action on this feature with ID: QLIK-103694
    Current status: New

  • Unable to publish QlikView documents into Qlik Sense Cloud hub via internet proxy 

    Tasks to publish QlikView documents into Qlik Sense Cloud hub via internet proxy fail.
    The logs show "Error The task "..." failed. Exception: || QDSMain.Exceptions.TaskFailedException: Task execution failed with errors to follow. ---> QDSMain.Exceptions.DistributeToResourcesFailedException: Distribute to resource failed. ---> System.Exception: Distribute to cloud exception failed"
    Check this link for further details.
    This was reported to R&D with  QV-20656
    Current status: Fixed in QlikView 12.60 (May 2021) 

  • On rare occasions, a Rest Connectors reload fail with 'System.OutOfMemoryException' 

    At the moment, this might happen in very rare scenarios. As of the 12th, no occurrence of the issue (globally) in March 2021. We are working on solutions to completely remove the problem.
    This was reported to R&D with ID QB-4137
    Current status: In Progress

  • Multi KPI labels are distracted after select and clear selection

    Label of a multi kpi is lost in the right place and moves to another one which shows overlapping.
    This was reported to R&D with ID QB-4486.
    Current status: In Progress

  • Unable to "Export with data" apps that have section access applied

    The tenant admin is not able to export apps with data from shared spaces (only for their own personal one), when the apps have section assess. The option is disabled (hidden) so there is no error message.
    This was reported to R&D with ID  QB-4686.
    This is, at the moment, a known limitation, because a tenant admin shouldn't necessarily have access to all the data, but we are currently re-evaluating the way this is implemented.
    Current status: New

  • "Start date" and "End date" not showing correctly in Date Picker

    When using date picker and defining start and end date like the example below:

    Start date:
    End date:
    It will not show expected dates, instead it will show wrong dates.
    This was reported to R&D with ID  QB-4729.

    Current status: New

  • End of Support for Internet Explorer 11

    As of March 2021, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is not supported. Users may not be able to log in or reach the authentication page. Please use one of the supported browsers (Firefox, Edge or Chrome). More information here.
    Current Status: Working as designed


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Specialist II
Specialist II

I'm having issues getting a QVF larger than 500 MB published to the cloud.  A lot of my QVF's are larger than 1 gig that I need to get published.  


@tmumaw : please, detail your issue in a separate post on https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Sense-SaaS-Multi-Cloud/bd-p/qlik-sense-multi-cloud , as that is the appropriate place for new problems. Thanks!