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Qlik Sense Enterprise: Move reloads to RIM nodes and exclude Central node

Digital Support
Digital Support

Qlik Sense Enterprise: Move reloads to RIM nodes and exclude Central node

In multi-node environments, the apps can be reloaded on any node.


Qlik Sense Enterprise, any version 




To set reloads to only run on Rim nodes:

  1. Go to the Qlik Sense Management Console
  2. Open the Central Node Scheduler
  3. In the Advanced menu, select Master as the Type
  4. Open the Rim Node Scheduler(s)
  5. In the Advanced menu, select Slave as the Type

NOTE: If you want to move the Monitoring apps to reload on the RIM node you need to follow the steps below. 

By default, all apps are synced to all nodes except for the monitoring apps which reload only on the Central Node.

If you want to move ALL reloads away from the Central node, including the monitor App, then you would need to change the sync rule to change this default behaviour.

To change that sync rule:

  1. In the Qlik Sense Management Console open the Load balancing rules
  2. Open the Load balancing rule " ResourcesOnNonCentralNodes "
  3. Change the condition to " ((node.iscentral="false")) " , this will sync ALL apps to all nodes included the monitoring apps
  4. Uncheck Disabled
NOTE: Load balancing rules won't be able to exclude some specific task from being loaded in the Central Node. Because there is an immutable load-balancing role that says all resources are available on the central node. This is working as designed.


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Is it possible with Balance rules for example having:

- Central Node with Scheduler (Master Only)

- Rim1 with Scheduler (Slave)

- Rim2 with Scheduler (Slave)


We want a Task "X" to be reloaded Daily but only by RIM 1, i.e. this task never be executed by RIM2 



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