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Talk to Experts Tuesday - Qlik Sense Business FAQ

Digital Support
Digital Support

Talk to Experts Tuesday - Qlik Sense Business FAQ

This is the FAQ for the August 4th, 2020 session of Talk to Experts Tuesday - Qlik Sense Business. 

For the recording and transcript, please see TTET - Qlik Sense Business on August 4, 2020: Recording & Transcript.

Environment: Qlik Sense Business

When will you be able to upgrade from Qlik Sense Business to Qlik Sense SAS or Qlik sense Enterprise on Cloud Services?
This is an issue we have identified and the expectation is that it will be possible at the end of the year but this has not been confirmed by Product Management.

Only the visible part of my visualization is being exported to pdf.
If you export a table that has scroll bars you might not get the entire table. You get the image that shows the scroll bars and the window area that they specify. It is what you see is what you get. A workaround would be to go to the data tab, download the data file, and then save the XLSX as a PDF.  For more information, please see https://support.qlik.com/articles/000034877

Is there a way to monitor app usage? Who opens it, how long they used it how many times and etc?
While the perfect way to view this information would be inside of the product, we are working on a performance monitoring application to help gain more insights into your tenant. Expect to see the communication about that in our Qlik Support Updates blog this month.

The activity timeout default is 30 minutes and there is not currently a way to change it?
The activity timeout default is 30 minutes and there is not currently a way to change the default. This would be a great idea to be entered on the Ideas board on Qlik Community LINK and explanation about ideas board.

Is there any way we could download files from the data section of the space?
For security purposes, there is not a way to download files from Qlik Sense Business. You have the option to export data to excel or you can use the STORE command where you can store data into a File and save it into a Dropbox, Google Drive or something like that.

Now with everyone working from home, people are working from all kinds of monitors, with different resolutions that are often very small. Any tips on how to always guarantee a good view for all users?
It's recommended that you keep your browser at 100% and use the recommended resolution for your screen. If you're seeing that things are too large or tiny for your screen, then you can hold the control button and use + or - to adjust the browser zoom and then use the opposite to set it back to 100%.

Can I open QVDs directly?
QVD's cannot be opened directly in Qlik Sense Business. If you needed to see the data, you could do a Store command into another file type and open that file up or there are 3rd party tools out there that will allow read only access to QVD files.

How can we work with extensions in Qlik Sense Business?
The extension first needs to be uploaded to the Extensions section under Administration (Management Console). Once the extension is uploaded, go back to your App and edit the sheet. Under 'Custom Objects' you should see the extension and be able to drag and drop it onto your sheet. For more information, please see Managing extensions.

Where can I find extensions? Are they only available on Qlik Branch?
Extensions can be created by anyone. We do have a few Partners that create extensions as well. Some extensions are vetted by Qlik so they have our "stamp of approval" that they will work well. Qlik Branch is a great place to find extensions and Qlik.dev is an excellent resource for creating extensions. Please note that extensions are not supported by Qlik Support and the developer of the extension must be notified if there is an issue.

What is the best way to add data to an already existing data connection? E.g. add an additional column from a SQL connection.
If it's an existing table:

  1. Go to Data Manager
  2. Click on the table you wish to add to and click Edit (pencil)
  3. Click 'Select Data from Source' at the top right-hand corner
  4. Select or deselect your fields then click 'Update'
  5. Click the green 'Load data' button in the top right corner to load the data into the app

If you want to bring in a new table:

  1. Go to Data Manager
  2. Click +
  3. On the left-hand side under Data Connections, you should see your existing connection. Click that connection and walk through adding the new table.
  4. After walking through the wizard, click the green 'Load data' button in the top right corner to load the data into the app

Can we connect to SAP in Qlik Sense Business?
Yes, we do have a SAP connector in Qlik Sense Business.

Why are the connectors different between the Data Manager and the Data Load Editor?
The Data Manager shows the Storage connectors and the ODBC connectors. The Data Load Editor provides the Storage connectors, the ODBC connectors and the Web connectors. The Web connectors are a bit more manual and have more configuration steps.

Can we manually choose what version of Qlik Sense Business to run in our tenant?
The environment is managed by Qlik so it is not possible to choose what version is ran in the tenant. Qlik Sense Business has a monthly release schedule (typically the 2nd Tuesday of the month) and is patched weekly. The cool thing about this is that you do not have to maintain the environment and you get the latest and greatest features before anyone else. If you're interested in the ability to control the versioning, please contact your Account Manager to discuss the options.

Do you plan to introduce public spaces so that users without QSB accounts could also view published apps?
It is not on the plan right now but is a great example of an idea to add to the Qlik Ideas board as an enhancement request.

Are there any Qlik provided utilities to support validation of loaded fields versus fields use and transformations in script and/or in visualization?
There are not any official tools that Qlik provides at this time. There are other third-party extensions out there like Catwalk but they were built with Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows in mind. It may be possible to get it working in a Docker instance. This would be another great example of an idea to add to the Qlik Ideas Board as an enhancement request.

How do I upload an app?
In the Hub, go to Add New > Upload App. Drag and drop the QVF or QVW file in, select the space, add in any tags, and click Upload.

Can I add users like I used to in Qlik Sense Cloud?
The process has changed for inviting users between the two products. Users will need to accept the invitation before the users can be assigned a license and access to spaces. This would be another great example of an idea to add to the Qlik Ideas board as an enhancement request.

How do I get started with Qlik Sense Business?
There are quite a few resources available:

What is the difference between Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services and Qlik Sense Business?
Qlik Sense Business is our subscription based offering, that you can try before you buy. We take away a lot of the headache of having to publish apps or deal with managed spaces that you have to deal with in Qlik Sense Enterprise. Qlik Sense Business is about making sure your team can work together on applications and develop together. Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services or SaaS is more enterprise workflows. You're dealing with managed apps, embedding applications using API development, and distributing apps from a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows instance. Both environments have some size limitations that can be found on our pricing page.

Will you be hosting other sessions like this?
Yes! Sessions will occur on Tuesdays. We will cover other Qlik products but also touch on Qlik Sense Business again as the need grows for this topic. Subscribe to the Qlik Support Updates Blog to be notified of the upcoming sessions and keep a look out for advertisements on the Qlik Community as well.

How do I know about product updates or what is being added?
Subscribe to Qlik Support Updates Blog! Qlik Sense Business is updated monthly and has weekly patches. The monthly updates are blogged about in a SaaS editions of Qlik Sense Update blog.

Where can I find the recording and questions?
We are working on creating a page in the Qlik Community for Talk to Experts Tuesdays, which will be the home for the videos and transcripts for all sessions. This post will be updated with the link to the recording and transcript when it is available. Questions are compiled into an article and searchable through the knowledgebase.

Edited to add: For the recording and transcript, please see TTET - Qlik Sense Business on August 4, 2020: Recording & Transcript.

Does section access work in Qlik Sense Business?
Yes, section access is support in Qlik Sense Business. Please see the Help for more information. If assistance is needed, we recommend reaching out to the Qlik Community for assistance.

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