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Talk to Experts Tuesday - Qlik Sense Business on Oct 6th, 2020 FAQ

Digital Support
Digital Support

Talk to Experts Tuesday - Qlik Sense Business on Oct 6th, 2020 FAQ

This is the FAQ for the October 6th Talk to Experts Tuesday session on Qlik Sense Business.

For the recording and transcript, please see .

Environment: Qlik Sense Business

Drill-downs - clicking on something makes a selection, would it be possible to double-click and see a more detailed level? (can be another sheet)

There are a few available options in the product. You could make selections and then use a button to open another sheet. There is also the option to create a drill-down dimension under Master Items dimensions that would allow you to make selections in a chart and drill down to different levels of the data. There is also the ability to link a sheet to an object under Appearance > Presentation. If these options do not meet your requirements, please consider posting an enhancement request to the Ideas board.


What training is available for Qlik Sense Business?

The Qlik Learning Portal has different training options. Any Qlik Sense training is going to be for Qlik Sense Enterprise as well as Qlik Sense Business. The Continuous Classroom has module learning that is go at your own pace. A lot of the modules are free.

For more hands-on training that you can as questions during, take a look at the Instructor-led options. The sessions range from 1 to 3 days and are 8 hours a day. Currently the sessions are on Zoom but still give you the opportunity for hands-on training. The class size is kept small, around 15 people, so you will have the dedicated attention of the instructor. These are paid trainings.

There is also the Qlik Support Youtube that you can search for videos pertaining to Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlik Sense Business. There is also a Qlik Sense Business playlist.

The Qlik Community is also a great place to explore to learn more from your peers and ask questions.


Access rights differentiation (let's say that every next drill-down has a wider user base)

From an administrative perspective Qlik Sense Business only has professional access, which can be assigned in Administration > User allocation.

From there, users can be given access to Spaces, which contain the apps. For more granular control, Section Access can be implemented. Section Access is an advanced scripting technique, so if you need assistance I would recommend Qlik Community or reaching out to your account team.

From a product perspective, Product Management is considering more specific roles for security in a future release.


Qlik alerting - based on the above user differentiation

 Currently, alerting is based on app reloads (successes and failures), app deletions, app additions, as well as for Spaces. You can have web notifications or email notifications. For emails, you will need to set up your server settings in Administration > Settings. A SMTP server relay is required and email is sent on behalf of a specific user/email. We do support a number of security functionalities and a custom port may also be set.


I wanted to know if there is any way to change from US to EU while keeping my account, I found nothing in the parameters or if I have to start again with a new account set to EU.

Currently it is not possible to change from one region to another. When you create a tenant, it’s created in a separate cluster and datacenter based on the region selected. So a new tenant would need to be created in this instance.

Product management is considering the ability to share between regions but not specifically moving a tenant due to how tenants are created.


I've used Qlik Sense Enterprise before and using the QMC was very easy. I was able to set nightly load tasks and everything. However, I am currently using Qlik Sense Business. How can I access the QMC to perform those same tasks?

Scheduled reloads can be setup in Qlik Sense Business within the Hub by clicking the ellipsis (3 dots) on the app tile. We are planning to increase this feature in terms of functionality but this where you schedule. We are making this product more content driven so you don’t have to go back and forth between sites. Everything is all in one place.


I registered for Qlik Sense Business Trial and after the completion of the process I got a landing page (url:https://www.qlik.com/us/forms/success/qlik-sense-business-trial)  which says: "Thank You for your interest in Qlik Sense! Please check your e-mail on how to access your trial." However the issue is I have not received any mail on how to access my trial. Have already checked my spam/junk folders too.

Try going to your My Qlik portal, where all your account administration is done. It should be created once you sign up. You can then go to the Avatar bubble and click ‘Create tenant’. This should resend the email. If you still don’t receive the email, then please contact Qlik Support.

You can also consider using a non-company issued email address to get the email to create the tenant.


I have a Qlik Sense Enterprise question for November 2019. Should I attend a different webinar?

We do not currently have any scheduled TTET’s for Qlik Sense Enterprise as we recently hosted one. Please take a look at that recording and FAQ to see if the question was answered there. You could also try posting to the Qlik Community.


I uploaded excel files to my DataFiles folder. There was unfortunately an error in 2 files and I needed to load updated files. When I now upload the updated excel file I receive a 'Undefined Error' message. I thought of first deleting the file from DataFiles folder prior to loading the updated file. Unfortunately, the two files that need to be updated do not appear in the DataFiles list. This means I cannot delete the 'bad' files because I cannot see them and I also cannot load a updated file.

If you were to open up a support ticket, this is how we would go about troubleshooting this issue:

  • You can look at the data sources associated with a specific space by going to Settings > Data Sources within the Space. You can duplicate, move and delete data sources here. Do you see the file in this list? If yes, can you delete it from here?
  • Try to upload the file again using another method like Qlik Data Transfer. Is there an error message and if so, is the error the same or different?
  • Try to rename the file and upload the new file
  • Check the Administration > Events to see if anything is being logged.
  • Try loading the file into Qlik Sense Desktop. There could be an issue with the file itself.

If you still need assistance, please create a case with Qlik Support. They can look more into the tenant itself.


I have a load scrip that has been running well for a long time. Now - I'm getting the following error halfway through the script execution for no explainable reason. The following error occurred: (Connector error: Socket closed) How do I troubleshoot? Has anyone seen?

That is a general error and we know we want to expose more fine grain logging on that screen. You can see some part of the log file but not the same as if on Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.

One thing you could try with a smaller amount of data and that is successful, then it might be something to do with the length of a time it is taking reload. So you will want to check the size of the data that is being uploaded. Depending on the connection type, you might want to try running through the script in the Data Load Editor with debug mode enabled to see at what point it is failing. It’s also possible it could be a browser error. If you’re not seeing any errors in the Events logging, that may be something to look into.


How do I add additional seats to Qlik Sense Business? Also, if needed, I can remove seats?

Within the Hub, go to Settings > Account Settings and that will take you to My Qlik. You can then select the subscription and click ‘Add Seats’. You can see the specific steps in the article.

You can remove seats but that will only show once the term has ended. You’ve already paid for the full year so you may want to wait until you’re closer to the end of your term then remove those seats.


Will NPrinting ever be added to Qlik Sense Business?

NPrinting itself will not be made SaaS available. There is a very clear roadmap from a collaboration and reporting capabilities coming into the SaaS product as a native capability. You will see that over the next couple of releases.

These capabilities will be integrated into the experience. The idea will be a lot simpler to use than the current NPrinting. Enabling reporting in general for more business users whereas NPrinting, to a certain extent, was a separate, external product that required more setup and expertise. The direction we are going in is letting more business users create reports.


What is on the horizon for Qlik Sense Business?

There is not a particular roadmap for Qlik Sense Business. We have a roadmap for Qlik Sense as a product and that is focused on the SaaS product, which includes Qlik Sense Business.

In terms of themes, we’ve touched on a few already. Reporting and collaboration, enhancements on alerting and notifications, and augmented analytics.

The Qlik Community team will also be hosting product roadmap sessions so stay tuned for more information.


Do I have access to Qlik Sense Desktop with my Qlik Sense Business subscription?

Yes! Go to Settings where you can download the latest version of Qlik Sense Desktop. After installing Qlik Sense Desktop, click ‘Authenticate’ on the Settings page and will launch Qlik Sense Desktop and you can authenticate against your tenant. There is also a video on this as well.

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