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Dynamic images do not display as chart background

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Digital Support

Dynamic images do not display as chart background

An API key is required to authenticate each request to Google Maps Platform. Refer to http://g.co/dev/maps-no-account for more information.

An image used as a background in a chart does not load correctly. This can be observed when a proxy is configured in the client machine. 

Images are accessible from a browser, without using any kind of authentication and Web Server Logs do not contain any errors.

Map without background.png






Manually add the following parameter (WebFileUseWinAPI = 1) in the Settings.ini file.

By default, the Settings.ini for QlikView Server is located at C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Settings.ini
For QlikView Desktop is located in

  1. Stop QlikView Services
  2. In the [Settings 7] section in Settings.ini, add the setting WebFileUseWinAPI = 1
    [Settings 7]
    WebFileUseWinAPI = 1
  3. Start QilkView Services

Please note that WebFileUseWinAPI = 1 setting must be entered under the [Settings 7] section. If the setting is added under the [Authentication] section, it will not be read by the QlikView Server, and will therefore not resolve the issue.


OR consider changing the proxy requirements: 


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