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Event Log Verbosity in Qlik View

Digital Support
Digital Support

Event Log Verbosity in Qlik View

You can set the QlikView Server logging level (verbosity) in the QlikView Management Console.





To configure:

  1. Open the QlikView Management Console
  2. Navigate to System
  3. Open Setup
  4. Select the QlikView Server
  5. Open the Logging tab
  6. Choose your Event Log Verbosity
  7. Choose how frequently you want to Split Files


  8. Press Apply
  9. The settings will take effect immediately, but a service restart is recommended


Logging level explanations:


Event Log Verbosity = Low
License Tracking events, plus events with Severity ID =1, Severity = Error.

Event Log Verbosity = Medium
The above, plus events with Severity ID = 2, Severity = Warning.

Event Log Verbosity = High
The above, plus events with Severity ID = 4, Severity = Information.

There is also a fourth level, "Debug". That level cannot be activated via the QlikView Management Console, since it should be done only when requested by Qlik Support for advanced troubleshooting. Instructions can be found in How to turn on debug logging for the QlikView Server Service


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Specialist II
Specialist II

@Andre_Sostizzo Hi! , do you have a Best setup setting for Qlik Sense Server logging ?

Like thee QlikView Server one that is mentioned in your post :



thanks in advanced to any answer

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @QFabian 

Let me get in touch with some SMEs to see if we have something available for you.

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