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How Many Months Of History Should Be Available In The Operation Monitor App


How Many Months Of History Should Be Available In The Operation Monitor App

How to reduce the size of the Operations Monitor App or decide how much history is being stored.

Scenario: There are only 3 months of history/data in Operation Monitor app. Even though there are enough logs in Archived log folder to provide information for more months. 

Scenario 2: There are 3 months of history/data seen but less data is required due to too high traffic. 

This article explains how Operation monitor app can be displayed more or less than 3 months of history/data. Note: We do not recommend configuring the Operations Monitor to provide a history longer than 3 months as this amount of data will lead to long loading times and large apps.

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  1. Duplicate Operation Monitor app  in QMC
  2. Go to "Hub >> my work >> Operation Monitor app"
  3. Open/edit load script
  4. Go to line 24 on the first page of Operation Monitor app
  5. On the first page of the Operation Monitor app there is a section on line 24 called "SET monthsOfHistory = 3"
  6. Modify/change "SET monthsOfHistory = 3"  within the load script
  7. It should collect the data as long as you have the log files that go that far back.
    For example:
    "SET monthsOfHistory = 3"        -- 3 Months
    "SET monthsOfHistory = 6"        -- 6 Months
    "SET monthsOfHistory = 12"      -- 12 Months​
  8. Remove the “governance” QVDs from %PROGRAMDATA%\Qlik\Sense\Log.
  9. Publish the modified Operation Monitor app.


Please note that the reload time for that long of data will be rather long.

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi , can you give some guidance on how to correct the Latest activity filter in top left corner of the session overview ?  This filter no longer functions properly when it has been increased for example to 12 months worth of data. It has 3 values, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. selecting any of these values has no affect on the data shown and results calculated this article should explain how to fix that problem.   thanks!

Creator II
Creator II

I logged a ticket on this issue and got no assistance. This is a hard coded filter and it does not function properly after applying the changes from this article. Can Qlik confirm that after performing this change to bump up the data to be more than 3 months, the Latest activity filter on Session overview stops functioning and will require some code changes to try to correct the problem.

also, a list of the governance qvd's could help clarify this article.


Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello Ken,

The setting has been confirmed to work and no additional changes to the app itself are needed (except step 8 in the instructions: deleting the old .qvds).

I've reached out to our SMEs for an additional review though and will update you accordingly.

All the best,


Creator II
Creator II
The built-in filter named "Latest activity" with values of 30+ Days, 60+ Days and 90+Days does not work properly after performing these steps.
So far I have not found the configuration/script changes required to make this filter work after increasing the months of history.
That filter is hard coded and cannot be easily removed and must have one value selected.
I logged a support ticket about a year ago and got not confirmation or assistance on the issue.
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